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Italian prosecutors have opened a manslaughter inquiry into the death of a four-year-old girl who was killed by malaria in northern Italy in a medical mystery that has gripped the country. The girl, Sofia Zago, had not travelled to any at-risk.

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*CHEERS* to 34% approval ratings.more and more of us come to our senses daily. *JEERS* to late flights back from vacation which get you home so late you have to take ANOTHER vacation day to recover. *CHEERS* to the state of California. Please register me.

Fifty Shades of Grey was a kinky sex movie that was neither kinky nor. because we now have Fifty Shades Darker, which exacerbates the problem by trying to forge a romantic relationship between two characters who have no.

This writer remembers a time when gaming was largely the preserve of children and teenagers, with parents wondering.

In her writings, Carlson has long talked about gun cultures in the plural. Americans in general, she says, generally adopt guns as part of the adoption of a "citizen-protector" role that involves taking on a position of full responsibility in.

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Translation: “If I can’t have consequence-free sex, neither can you.” Acceptable Response: “I pledge myself! Give me a promise ring!” Unacceptable Response: “So how did that work out for you?” Or, “Where exactly does the Bible say that?”

Yearly sports game releases come and go, usually promising big changes and only delivering little nips and tucks. But this year’s FIFA 17 has lured us in with the promise of what we’ll call- Mass Effect Football?

An interdisciplinary team of researchers say they have found ‘missing heat’ in the climate system, casting doubt on suggestions that global warming has slowed or stopped over the past decade. Observational data on which climate.

despite the subtle touches of personality that Romano is able to conjure. For all its cynicism about the movie business, Get Shorty shows exactly no interest in exploring how things got as bad as they are or how the forge to make movies.

When you roll over after sex and tell her, ‘sorry dear, it’s just too hot, or I am so tired from office work, or don’t worry, next time I will make out time, then you keep a foot of distance between you and her. Maybe you chat with her a bit before.

He pulled in business managers and lawyers, instead of computer scientists playing at politics, and put performance before personality. It is a tight schedule and the loss of techies at the top has niggled a few Internet old hands (the fact that an outage.

DAN: It’s true that the Night King is a pretty one-dimensional, predictable ‘dark lord’ in that he just wants to kill everyone and seemingly has no personality beyond that. and Jaime is a man desperate to forge his own legacy and break the.

So writes Harold Myerson in this op ed in today’s Washington Post, which is certainly worth reading. Consider for example this: The America over which FDR presided was home to mass organizations of the unemployed; farmers’ groups that.